How to Choose a Gym? Know almost


These piles of odd-shaped equipment, if you don't understand what it is, don't worry about it, you usually can't use it later.

How to Choose a Gym? Know almost

How to Choose a Gym? Know almost
How to Choose a Gym? Know almost

The gym is definitely recommended, with a good atmosphere, complete equipment, and high efficiency. Just like when you read a book, you will also want to choose a top-ranking institution. In terms of fitness, the gym is the best training venue, and it is naturally the protagonist.

Although it is OK to buy dumbbells at home, but to be honest, the efficiency is still far below the gym, and at best it is a supporting role. Not to mention the freehand training, the extras are not counted, and the corpse is in the direction of weight gain.

But are all gyms suitable for weight gain training? This may not be the case.

In order to increase the muscle dimension, weight gain training is mainly based on the traditional muscle training method. The heavyweight and compound movement are the main requirements. These are the hardware requirements for the gym. In the early stage of weight gain, many people will be more vulnerable. It's easy to give up, so you need to choose a gym that is easy for you to stick to.

Let's share the key points of the gym selection and give you a reference.

First, the gym must be near

Is distance important?

It is really important. You may not feel anything at first, especially when you are sitting comfortably in front of the computer and checking the gym. Isn't it more than half an hour? What is the way to gain weight?

Waiting for you to get the card down, insist ongoing for a week or two, you will find that this road is very torment every day!

Especially the office workers in the first-tier cities, the busy heads of the day were so bad that they burned their foreheads, and they quickly ate dinner and added an hour of work, exhausted. Finally packed up and ready to go to fitness.

Walking over a computer bag for more than a kilometer, the computer in the bag is still thief, all at 7 o'clock in the evening, the temperature is still 31 degrees, a pair of small couples in front of the hand to feed you all the way to dog food;

When I arrived at the subway station, I kept up with a hundred brothers and sisters who had just got off work, and they were pushed into the same compartment. I didn’t know where the body odor came from.

The fat girl stepped on your foot, high heel;

Finally arrived at the station, almost could not squeeze, and went out of the station and walked more than 100 meters, the bus stop in front of the station was full of people;

After two buses were not crowded, the third one finally went up, standing on the steps in front of the lower door, and could not find a position that could be supported;

The last stop left, the passengers are almost the same, and finally, have a seat, and they are tired like a dog without fitness.

Come to the station... get off? Going home for 5 stops and getting home...

If you don’t practice today, go straight home...

Go home directly...

The will is so little to be killed, really, I have a deep understanding... Although the route is not as bad as it was, the bus was directly accessible for half an hour, but after counting it, I gave up 80% of the idea of ​​fitness for the day. They are all produced on the way to the gym.

So how to choose the location of the gym? The closer you are to the starting point, the better.

If you are used to getting out of work at the company, look for one next to your company. When you finish practicing, muscle congestion is like a diamond, and on the way back, I feel that today's life has just begun.

If you are used to going home to wash your face and go to the gym later, then choose a gym downstairs.

Don't overestimate your perseverance.

Priority: ★★★★★

Weight gain: ★★★★

Second, the equipment must be sufficient

What is enough? The equipment that is needed for your own training should be complete. You can't use it, no matter how much.

How to Choose a Gym? Know almost
How to Choose a Gym? Know almost

These piles of odd-shaped equipment, if you don't understand what it is, don't worry about it, you usually can't use it later.

Which equipment is essential for your weight gain training? The weight gain training program I wrote earlier is more about the training of free weight and compound movements, and the weight is as large as possible. Therefore, on the equipment, the barbell dumbbells must be complete, and the equipment for large-scale compound movements such as deep squat pull bench press must be practiced, and the weight of each stage should be complete.

Fully equipped dumbbell

Starting at 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds, 20 pounds, ..., 90 pounds, 95 pounds, 100 pounds, should have at least one or more specifications to meet the training requirements of each part.

You don't need to check if it's complete, probably from small to large. From the time you lift it up, you can't lift it. It's usually enough to line up two or three rows.

A Small Barbell

From 10 pounds to 100 pounds, every 10 pounds. These small barbells are actually quite useful for students in the early stages of weight gain. Everyone just started, the strength is weak, the standard barbell pole is 20kg, and you can't do it in a lot of movements. You may feel that you are struggling with a 20kg empty rowing boat. Start with a 20-pound small barbell... This small barbell is very practical. (1 kg = 2.2 lbs)

Free squat rack

Note! It is a free squat rack, not a Smith machine!

This is a lot of gyms. There are several gyms near my home, which is Godfried, a mega-Wade, etc., the truth is that the environment is really good, the equipment is new, and the lighting is good. There is no squat rack! Such a large chain gym is not squat! There is only one Smith stand, no free squat rack! (black question mark)

Is there a squat rack that can be directly used as a professional indicator for a gym, at least whether it is oriented to professional fitness.

The squat rack is very helpful for weight gain training. Both squat and deadlift can be done with squat racks. Other actions such as barbell rowing and standing barbell referrals can also be used with this shelf, which is very practical. The squat racks of different gyms may not be the same as the length of the picture, but they must be.

Standard bench press and upright bench press

For the bench press, these two general gyms will have. It is recommended that each shelf be independent, not N-one. Some unprofessional gyms, you ask them if they have all kinds of shelves, and found that there is only one big barbell rack, saying that you can move the bench chair next to you to do the bench press, you can also remove the chair to do squat, omnipotent.

Don't believe this kind of ghost. Although there are not many people practicing squats in the gym, there are a lot of bench presses. On a shelf, you line up late into the night.


The gantry is also a very practical thing. Pulling up, chest, rope down, sitting rowing, high pull down and other actions can basically be completed, the comprehensive is very strong. The general gym will also have one.

If you have all of the above, your weight gain training is basically no problem. As for other devices, you need to use it.

If you don't have these parts in your optional gym, it doesn't matter. If you have a squat, you can practice it. There is always a way to replace it. The environment can be practiced even worse.

Priority: ★★★★

Weight gain: ★★★

Third, the gym atmosphere

Do you prefer the old-fashioned American Iron Pavilion, or the modern and clean fitness club? Choosing a gym that suits your atmosphere is more efficient and won't be distracted.

I used to practice too many people in the gym at night and often queued up, I can't stand it. Later, I went to the morning and I didn’t have to wait for a few people. I was very efficient in practice. But my friend felt that it was too cold in the morning and there was no motivation, so he went to the night when he was busy.

These don't matter, they choose according to their personal preferences. In the gymnasium on the market today, it is more about whether there is a tendency to "professional training".

It is that you may go to many gyms to check and find that there are very many projects inside.

Of course, the layout above is exaggerated. I mean, don't be fooled by the gym sales to show you these dazzling projects. Look for what you want to do here, just judge the project you need, whether it is professional and perfect.

Priority: ★★★

Weight gain: ★★

4. Are there friends in this gym?

I have been practicing alone in the gym, and I have developed a satisfactory body. You can also feel free to practice.

But if you have a friend to practice together, it is really helpful to train and encourage each other.

If you can't keep going, you want to give up, he will pull you.

The bench press has done 8 things, he can pick you up to two more, and you will go up.

Heavyweight training can help you, and it is safer to practice.

If you have a common goal, you can encourage each other and progress will be faster.

These are not necessary for fitness, but they are definitely worth having.

So if you have friends in one of the gyms, and you are willing to practice with you, don't hesitate to go!

Priority: ★★★

Weight gain: ★

5. Personal education

If you have a plan to ask for personal training at the beginning, you can first ask about the private training in this gym. Have a good personal education and then do the card, more worry-free.

There is always a good personal education in a gym? This is really not accurate. Occasionally, someone will come to me for consultation, saying that I am training at the xx Bodybuilding Institute, preparing for the permit for 3 months, and then asking me how to practice.

So if you plan to ask for personal training, then first confirm whether there is a good personal education in this gym.

If you can't find a good personal education, I would rather not ask. Poor personal training knows nothing about fitness and will only delay your progress. You have to gain weight, he let you jog for half an hour before training, let you drink protein powder instead of adding muscle powder, never mentioning things with you, you go to his uncle.

Priority: ★

Negative effects: ★★★★

Above, the summary of the gym is just a little bit of work.

I wish you all a lot of gymnastics choices :)



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Health Information: Nutrition, Fitness, Beauty, Yoga, Gym: How to Choose a Gym? Know almost
How to Choose a Gym? Know almost
These piles of odd-shaped equipment, if you don't understand what it is, don't worry about it, you usually can't use it later.
Health Information: Nutrition, Fitness, Beauty, Yoga, Gym
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