Cell phones, tablets causing mental health issues in children as young as two


Cell phones, tablets causing mental health issues in children as young as two.smartphones and mental health. nz herald

Cell phones, tablets causing mental health issues in children as young as two

Cell phones, tablets causing mental health issues in children as young as two
Cell phones, tablets causing mental health issues in children as young as two

Written in front: Cell phones, tablets causing mental health issues in children as young as two. It’s just that my last year’s school year paper was related to this question, so I’m going to say two sentences. 
First of all, the idea that Cell phones and iPad will cause children's sensory integration disorder, I think it is slightly alarmist. Why do you say that? Let us look at the causes of children's sensory integration disorders: 

First, physiological reasons 
1. congenital dysplasia 
2. brain damage 
3. inherent imbalance caused by fetal position disorder 
4. tactile learning caused by premature delivery or cesarean section 
5. the environment Reasons (lack of stimuli) 
6. Urban children's living urbanization, modern family miniaturization, restricting and depriving children of feelings learning 
7. lack of crawling and excessive wake-up of the walker, resulting in a balance of integration disorders 
8. parental transition protection, restrictions on children Activity 
9. voice-activated toys, game consoles, TV sets, including the development of iPad, etc., reduce the physical activity of children.
10. parents expect too high a child, the requirements are too strict, so that children's learning pressure is too large, lost the freedom and happiness to play The time so, there are so many reasons that may cause the child to feel the integration disorder, and all the responsibility to the iPad, the iPad said "blame me. And it is not a direct cause. The direct cause is insufficient physical activity and a good cutting? 

The following texts: 

First, the positive impact of the iPad on children 

(1) to promote the adaptation of young children to the times
For today, the iPad is an emerging electronic product. But looking back at the age when computers were popular, computers were like humans today. It is difficult to estimate whether the impact of the iPad on humans will be as large as that of computers and the Internet, but it does have a significant change in people's lives. Whether it is leisure, life service, learning, and development, or business finance, it can be operated on one machine. Even if the iPad is as short-lived as the BB, the iPad is one of the landmark inventions of the era, which can predict the trend of social development and progress to a certain extent. Therefore, young children learn and master the skills of using iPad, can promote children to adapt to the changes and trends of the times, understand certain social information, and form a preliminary concept of electronic products, laying the foundation for the future operation of more complex electronic products.

(2) Promoting the development of all aspects of young children
According to the App Store download ranking and the 2013 Survey of Preschool Children's Use of iPads [1], the author lists three application categories and their typical representatives that are most popular among children aged 3-6, in order:

(1) Games (Typical representative: "Tom Cat", "Little Construction Worker")

(2) Interactive children's stories (typical representative: "Laura's stars", "Goodnight, little sheep")

(3) Video software (typical representative: "Look at children's animation")

First of all, when operating a game-like application, young children must operate according to the rules of the game, which can not only cultivate the child's rule awareness but also exercise the ability of the child's hand-eye coordination and develop the child's intelligence. Second, the interactive children's story application software has pictures and sounds, vivid and interesting forms and wonderful story content can stimulate children's learning interest and promote children's language development. Thirdly, regarding the application of video software, it is not only convenient to find videos that are of interest to young children , but also does not have to be kept in front of the TV, which improves the flexibility of children's leisure time , and can broaden the horizons from relevant videos and enrich the knowledge of young children.

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Second, the negative impact of the iPad on children
Any item that is used unscientifically will definitely have a negative impact, and the iPad is no exception. The following are the negative effects that iPad apps may have on young children in home education:

(1) Children lack interaction with the surrounding environment and deprive them of opportunities to develop other abilities

According to Montessori's educational philosophy, young children learn and develop in their interactions with their surroundings. Too much attention to the screen on the iPad is equivalent to creating an invisible cell, limiting children and passive entertainment, depriving children of the opportunity to learn actively. This situation has a certain degree of negative impact on children's imagination, emotion, memory, social ability and thinking ability.

(2) Losing the opportunity to interact with parents

When children use the iPad, they almost all operate independently. This means that they have lost the company of their parents and there is no way to interact with them. Even if the iPad contains a social networking application, even if the child is proficient in the application, it is not as interesting as talking and touching directly with the family. Moreover, this also makes young children lose the opportunity to ask questions. Young children can get the best learning results by asking questions. When the iPad spends more time with the child than the parent, the relationship between the child and the parent may be alienated, and the child may become lonely.

(3) Children's growth and development problems

When an adult or a child operate the iPad, it does not unconsciously maintain a sitting position. If you do not move for a long time, it will easily lead to slow growth, obesity, balance, and coordination of the body, and may also cause sensory integration disorders, which may further affect brain development.

(4) Lack of long-term attention and active learning opportunities

Apps on the iPad, especially for games or video playback, can be completed with a short period of concentration. Children do not need to actively learn and think while operating, and only passively accept information. [4] And the operation of switching applications on the iPad is very convenient. This is not a tool for children aged 3 to 6 years to develop their long-term concentration, but the opposite is likely to cause the child to be impatient.

(5) Affecting vision

The iPad display uses LED backlight technology with high pixels. However, the strong stimulation of the electronic screen will directly cause optic nerve fatigue, resulting in a decreased vision of the child, which may cause lifelong myopia for the child.

The application strategy of iPad in family education of children aged 3 to 6 years old

The iPad itself is a great invention that brings great convenience to people's lives. There has never been an iPad that has harmed the human brain or caused crime. In fact, humans still dominate the iPad and use it. This is believed to be possible for children between the ages of 3 and 6. In fact, the negative impact of all the iPads mentioned above stems from the unscientific application, not the iPad itself. Therefore, parents should not be completely resistant to the problem of children using the iPad, but they must not let it go.

However, it is necessary to face up to the possible negative impacts. So how do you apply the iPad scientifically to children between the ages of 3 and 6 in family education to avoid the possible drawbacks?

(1) Parents lead by example and are not controlled by the iPad

The biggest feature of young children is their ability to imitate. If parents have addicted to the iPad themselves, how can young children not learn the same? Therefore, parents must lead by example, can use the iPad, but can not be controlled, just use it as a convenient tool for work, life, learning, try not to use iPad entertainment before the child. And the key is to control the time you use the iPad.

(2) More companionship, more experience

"If a child is not willing to deal with it in the game for a long time, it will become a pathological condition, because the world outside the game makes him feel boring, unhappy or inferior. If a child delays his future because of computer games, then even if he Living in an era without computers, there are other things that will pull him into the water. I firmly believe that it is not the game itself that is degrading, but the emptiness of the soul, or the certain qualities. Those who fall in the game, even if not Computer games, there will be something else that he can't extricate himself." - "Good mother is better than a good teacher" 
When a child is addicted to the game, this is by no means "addictive" so simple. This reflects the lack of education and the psychological emptiness of the child. 
The virtual world is ultimately less colorful than the real world. Young children need to experience a wealth of life experience in order to develop in a comprehensive and harmonious manner. Therefore, parents should accompany their children in real life and lead their children to experience different environments, more than natural contact, more than their peers. Only after experiencing the richness of the real world will young children be less interested in the virtual world on the iPad. Don't use the iPad as a toy for "selling" young children. Even when the child is operating the iPad, parents can stay with them and interact with each other based on the content.

(3) Let the iPad return to the standard

A kindergarten instructor stated: "I used to give them a workmanship class and contemplated taking my iPad to demonstrate the artwork procedure. Then the children were crazy and always wanted to grab the game. At least the dozens of children I touched. They think that the iPad is a game console, and they are too crazy to extricate themselves."

Parent-child education expert, Professor Chen He believes: "It is not the isolation of electronic products, but the return of products to the standard - the mobile phone is the phone, the computer is the tool, don't let the child use him as a game." If the child asks what the iPad is, the parent answers that it is a life tool to avoid causing excessive curiosity.

In addition, parents should try to avoid "playing the iPad" instead of "using the iPad" instead. Avoid suggesting to the child that the iPad is just a gaming machine.

(4) Control the use time, not to reward

As mentioned above, all the negative effects of using the iPad are due to unscientific application. The first to bear the brunt is to abuse the iPad for a long time. Therefore, parents who agree to use the iPad for young children must strictly control their length of use. Before using it, we will reach a consensus with the child and let the child make a promise. At the same time, parents can't use the iPad as a reinforcement to strengthen a child's good behavior. Avoid children's beauty and yearning for the iPad.

(5) Do not "send" children with the iPad

Some parents use the iPad to "send" young children because they are busy, to prevent their children from disturbing themselves for a while, and there is something to do. [6] This is a reduction in the burden on parents at a certain level, but if the child is thus indelibly negatively affected, the spiritual, temporal and financial costs paid by the parents will be beyond imagination. Regardless of whether such behavior is responsible or not, from the perspective of investment, this behavior is not worth the candle.

(6) Selecting application software for children's operation

Due to the limitations of children's ability, the content that is viewed by the iPad is largely dependent on parental controls, such as apps, games, and videos downloaded by parents. Therefore, parents should have some control over the selection of content. Before handing over the iPad to the child, it is more responsible to ensure that the child is not exposed to information that is not conducive to the growth of the child.

(7) Protecting vision and controlling the use time

According to the study, children who use the iPad for more than an hour a day will have an adverse effect on vision. For the iPad's injury to children's eyesight, the most effective preventive measure is to control the time of the child's use and at the same time cooperate with eye health exercises, eye drops and other scientific and effective methods to protect eyesight.



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Health Information: Nutrition, Fitness, Beauty, Yoga, Gym: Cell phones, tablets causing mental health issues in children as young as two
Cell phones, tablets causing mental health issues in children as young as two
Cell phones, tablets causing mental health issues in children as young as two.smartphones and mental health. nz herald
Health Information: Nutrition, Fitness, Beauty, Yoga, Gym
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